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Global Geochemistry

Biochemical cycles on various time/space scales play an important role in the maintenance and variation of the Earth’s surface environment. Aiming to acquire a comprehensive understanding of our Earth, this research group explores the mechanisms and dynamics of biochemical cycles in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere through field research, laboratory experiments and numerical analyses.


Our research themes include:


• understanding the biochemical cycles in oceans and lakes,


• understanding the global-scale carbon and nitrogen cycles,


• understanding interactions between life and the dynamics of Earth systems,


• reproduction of the paleoenvironment and paleoclimate.


  • Professor
  • Biogeochemistry, Atmosphere, Ocean,
    Forest, Limnology


  • Professor
  • Atmospheric Aerosol Particles,
    Atmospheric Chemistry, Antarctic aerosols


  • Associate Professor
  • Biogeochemistry, Environmental Chemistry,
    Isotope Geochemistry

ABE Osamu

  • Assistant Professor
  • Coral Stable Isotope, Oceanography, Biogeochemical Cycles

NISHIDA Tamihito

  • Assistant Professor
  • Organic Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography, Biogeochemical Cycles

ITO Masanori

  • Assistant Professor
  • Biogeochemistry, Chemical oceanography,
    Nitrogen cycle