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Global Environmental Variation

It is important for the survival of human beings that we understand how the global environment has already changed in the past, and that we learn to predict how it will be affected by human activities in the future. The aim of our research and education program is to elucidate past events through the analysis of samples obtained from glaciers and growth rings of trees, and understand the present situation through the measurement and analysis of greenhouse gases, aerosol and air pollutants on various scales, ranging from the city level through to that encompassing the entire Earth. Our research also aims to predict future events based on a better understanding of environmental variation mechanisms and human activities.


  • Professor
  • Climatology, Drought, Desertification, Dust, Dryland


  • Professor
  • Climatology, Archaeology, Isotope

MATSUI Hitoshi

  • Assistant Professor
  • Atmospheric Aerosol, Atmospheric Chemistry


  • Invited Professor
  • Global Environmental Studies, Hydrology, Geothermics,Coastal Oceanography,
    Water-Energy-Food Nexus