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Climate Science

Global warming associated with recent increases in greenhouse gases is one of the most serious global environmental problems that we face today. To predict future trends in global warming and environmental variations, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms responsible for the maintenance and variation of climate. The aim of this laboratory’s basic and applied research/education is to understand the various physical and chemical processes related to climate/global environmental changes, as well as to understand and predict further changes in atmospheric composition, involving greenhouse gases, ozone and aerosols, and cryosphere variations.


  • Professor
  • Glaciology, Glaciers, Himalayas, Antarctica,
    Ice Core Science

SUDO Kengo

  • Professor
  • Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols,
    Climate Dynamics


  • Associate Professor
  • Paleoclimate, Stable isotope,
    Ice core, Speleothem

MATSUI Hitoshi

  • Associate Professor
  • Atmospheric Aerosol, Atmospheric Chemistry


  • Assistant Professor
  • Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Marine Biogenic Sulfur Compounds,Tropospheric Ozone

ITO Akihiko

  • Invited Assistant Professor
  • Ecosystem Model,
    Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle