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[25 Jan 2019]
@The list of Publications was updated.
@A paper on observational constraint of in-cloud supersaturation was accepted (npj Climate and Atmospheric Science).
@A paper on the impact of new particle formation on short-term meteorology and air quality was accepted (Aerosol and Air Quality Research).
[27 Aug 2018]
@A paper on black carbon radiative effects was published (Nature Communications). []
[21 May 2018]
@A paper on the interactions between new particle formation and cloud radiative forcing was published (npj Climate and Atmospheric Science). [URL]
[8 May 2018]
@A paper on the impact of dry deposition on black carbon spatial distributions was published (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems). [URL]
[23 Apr 2018]
@A paper on the impact of anthropogenic combustion iron on climate was published (Nature Communications). [URL]

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